Static Analysis Symposium 2001, Paris : 1st CfP

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Tue Nov 21 16:10:21 CET 2000

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=                     First Call For Papers                     = 
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=                      La Sorbonne, Paris                       = 
=                       16-18 July, 2001                        = 
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Static Analysis  is  increasingly  recognized  as  a  fundamental
technique  for  high performance implementations and verification
systems of high-level  programming  languages.    The  series  of
Static  Analysis  Symposia  has  served  as the primary venue for
presentation    of  theoretical,  practical  and  applicative  in
the area.

The Eigth International   Static   Analysis   Symposium (SAS2'01)
will be held at   La Sorbonne in Paris   and followed immediately
at La Mutualite by    the Thirteenth Conference on Computer Aided
Verification       (CAV'01,}.
Previous symposia were held in Santa Barbara, Venice, Pisa, Paris,
Aachen, Glasgow and Namur.  

The  technical  program  for   SAS'01  will  consist  of  invited
lectures,  tutorials,  panels,  presentations of refereed papers,
and software  demonstrations.  Contributions  are  welcome on all
aspects of Static Analysis, including, but not limited to
    abstract interpretation          data flow analysis 
    verification systems             optimizing compilers  
    abstract domains                 program specialization    
    theoretical frameworks           type inference          
    abstract model checking          complexity analysis
    abstract testing                 security analysis 

Submissions  can  address  any  programming  paradigm,  including
concurrent,   constraint,   functional,   imperative,  logic  and
object-oriented programming.  Survey  papers  that  present  some
aspect of the above topics with a new coherence are also welcome.

Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers  that
have  been  published  or  that are simultaneously submitted to a
journal or a conference with a refereed proceedings.

Submitted  papers should be at most 15 single space 11-point font
pages excluding bibliography  and well-marked appendices. Program
committee members are not required to read any appendices, and so
a paper should be intelligible without them. The papers should be 
submitted as  PostScript documents  that  are  interpretable   by
Ghostscript and/or in PDF format, and they must be printable on  both 
US letter  and A4 paper; to facilitate  this,  extensive  use  of  
special fonts and colors should be avoided.

Submissions should arrive by February 15, 2001.   All submissions 
must be done electronically at

Authors will be notified of  the acceptance or rejection of their
papers by April 2, 2001.   Final versions of  the accepted papers  
must be received in electronic form by April 30, 2001. 

Important Dates:
Submission:    February 15, 2001.
Notification:  April 2, 2001.
Final Version: April 30, 2001.

Program Chair:

Patrick Cousot
Ecole Normale Superieure
Departement d'Informatique
45, Rue d'Ulm
75230 Paris Cedex 05, France
Email: sas01@REDACTED 
Phone: & + 33 1 44 32 20 64
Fax:   & + 33 1 44 32 21 52

Program Committee:

M. Bruynooghe (KU, Leuven)
P. Cousot (ENS, Paris)
G. Fil'e (Padova)
M. Hagiya (Tokyo)
C. Hankin (IC, London)
L. Hendren (McGill, Montreal)
M. Hermenegildo (UPM, Madrid)
N. Jones (DIKU, Denmark)
J. Larus (Microsoft, Redmond)
J. Palsberg (Purdue)
S. Sagiv (Tel Aviv)
D. Sands (Chalmers, Goteborg)
D. Schmidt (Kansas S.)
M.L. Soffa (Pittsburgh)
H. Sondergaard (Melbourne)
R. Wilhelm (Saarbruken)
K. Yi (KAIST, Taejon)

General Chair: 

Radhia Cousot
CNRS & Ecole polytechnique

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