file:read_file in R7B

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>One way which R7 differs from R6 is that many things involving
>binaries execute very slowly (and gobble memory) **in the shell**. For
>instance, doing
>   {ok, Bin} = file:read_file("/usr/share/dict/words").
>in the shell causes my beam emulator to jump to about 20Mb. Doing the
>same thing in a program, or even in different way in the shell:
>   {ok, Bin} = file:read_file("/usr/share/dict/words"), z.
>does not show unexpected memory consumption. 
>Taking a guess, this is because the shell has an interpreter for
>binary operations.

There have been other wrong guesses too. I experimented a little, and
it seems to be the case that
	io:format("~P", [Largebinary, 40])
does not consume immense amounts of memory, while
	io:format("~P", [{ok, Largebinary}, 40])

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