file:read_file in R7B

Miguel Barreiro Paz enano@REDACTED
Thu Nov 16 15:05:03 CET 2000


> One way which R7 differs from R6 is that many things involving
> binaries execute very slowly (and gobble memory) **in the shell**. For
> instance, doing

	It was the shell, certainly: I was reading several files in the
5-15 MByte range and noticed the beam machine was growing a lot. A clean
shell evaluating


made the beam unix process grow to 350 MBytes physical (and over 1GB
virtual). I've just checked that


	works as expected, and whole beam process grows to just some 17MB.
So, it looks like the new binary pretty-printer in the R7B shell is a bit
less efficient than it used to be :)

	Fool me.



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