Interrupting passive socket recv

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Tue Nov 14 13:04:01 CET 2000


> Just a few thoughts... What if you spawn a separate process 
> just to handle the
> receiving of TCP messages? To avoid flooding this process (in 

Yes, I also thought a bit about this solution. The drawback is that it
introduces an extra message transfer as the recv process will have to send
the replies back to my marshalling process which knows who asked the query
and so can return the answer to the right place.

Killing the recv process is also a bit nasty as well, though it does raise
the additional question of how one interrupts a gen_tcp:accept. This is an
issue for code upgrades as well as a general programming issue. The options
seem to be the same as documented for recv - timeout and retry to allow
space for other Erlang messages to be received - which is pretty horrible
(lost connections)

Any more tricks up anyones sleeve for this one?


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