JInterface bug?

Gordon Beaton not.for.email@REDACTED
Mon Nov 13 17:16:27 CET 2000

On 13 Nov 2000 09:39:29 GMT, Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:
> After playing a while with JInterface, I noticed a possible bug in
> OtpNode$Acceptor. I run JDK 1.3 on Windows.
> The constructor ends with
>     publishPort();
>     acceptor.start();
> I get a nullPointerException on the last line, but all works well if it
> is changed to
>     start();
> or
>     this.start();
> The reason is of course that since the constructor is not ended yet,
> OtpNode.acceptor is still null...

The bug has been known since one day after r7b was released, and the
fix is exactly as you have described it. There is *supposed* to be a
patch somewhere...


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