Distributed Erlang

David W. Bauer Jr. bauerd@REDACTED
Sun Nov 5 02:56:22 CET 2000

This may seem a simple question, but I am a bit confused on how exactly to
run erlang in a distributed environment.  Specifically what I would like
to do is run an erlang node on a server, and then generate requests to it
from a java created OtpNode on a remote client.  I understand that epmd
needs to be running.. the confusing part to me is the registration of the
nodes to a single instance of epmd.  For example, I intend to have many
servers (order 10^4) and many more java nodes (order 10^6) with a load
balanced middle man server containing the locations of the backend erlang
servers.  As each server comes online I would like for them to be known to
each other and the world through the middle man node index server.  Is
this even possible?  I don't understand how the routing actually works.


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