Erlang running on different OSs.

Miguel Barreiro Paz enano@REDACTED
Sat Nov 4 15:01:12 CET 2000


> I'm trying to gather information about the pros and cons of running
> Erlang on Solaris vs. Linux vs. FreeBSD. What is people's experience
> with these platforms, both in development and production? Solaris for

	As was previously reported in this list, Solaris UFS is notoriusly
slow, and single-threaded beam machines will suffer when doing disk I/O;
Veritas VxFS should be much faster, but I have never tried it. Linux ext2
fs (and reiserfs, if you feel a bit brave) are far faster. Linux
filesystems are evolving rapidly, with reiserfs, SGI XFS and IBM JFS
struggling to get into the official tree ASAP. UFS is essentially the same
as a decade ago.

	Now, if for some reason you need 64 CPUs in a single box, hotplug
CPUs, or several *really* large fiberchannel diskarrays, yes, I would
consider a highend Sun with Solaris. At least for this year.



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