Trace on Variable assignment

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Fri Nov 3 12:21:26 CET 2000

Thanks for the suggestions, they are neater than io:format everywhere for
debugging :)

I had more in mind though being able to set up traces (or conditional
watchpoints if you like) in a running system without needing to change the

I don't think it should introduce too much overhead - 1 bit set per variable
which is checked on each assignment to that variable.. The match syntax
would seem to offer a plenty rich enough selection method for setting
conditions after this initial trigger.


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> Ok, here is a possible workaround:
> It is possible to write conditional breakpoints in the debugger.
> However, in a complex system it may not be possible to 'stop'
> the execution at a break point. The solution is to write the
> conditional break point so that it sends a message somewhere
> and have it always return false (i.e it won't trigger the
> debugger). 
> Cheers /Tobbe

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