Trace on Variable assignment

Scott Lystig Fritchie scott@REDACTED
Fri Nov 3 06:15:21 CET 2000

Sean's wish is on our wishlist in the Sendmail EUC '00 paper.  I might
have called them "conditional breakpoints".  Ah, no, I said,
"conditional watchpoint".  Hrm.  "Conditional breakpoint" would've
been better, I think.  Editing seems to work much like hindsight

The alternative right now is to modify the code you're debugging to
something like:

	Want_to_watch = Whatever(),
		Want_to_watch = desired_term() -> ok; % Breakpoint here
		true                           -> ok

... which is annoying.  And if the compiler were sufficiently
aggressive, you might be surprised by having your breakpoint


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