Trace on Variable assignment

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Thu Nov 2 19:46:58 CET 2000


> This may not be sensible, but I am curious...
> What do we log, other than name and value assigned?

At the moment you can trace events (function calls and messages
particularly) which contain values which may become variable assignments..
You can't actually trace the actual event of a value being assigned to a
variable, or trigger tracing for assignment of a specific variable.

> - Scope?

I guess one would need to provide the mod:func/n or fun within which the
variable is assigned in the trace spec and include this in the trace output.

> - Do we insert this information other outbound debugger 
> information, in
> one windown, or file?

Raw tracing information is sent as messages to either the process which
called erlang:trace/3 or to a different process or port defined in the
{tracer, Tracer} option in the Flags option.

PMAN uses this stuff to provide its GUI traces.

The docs are those for erlang:trace/3, and some info on Match specs in the
ERTS section User's Guide

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