Gordon Beaton not.for.email@REDACTED
Fri May 26 16:11:13 CEST 2000

On 26 May 2000 13:23:52 GMT, Richard Barrett wrote:
> Whenever I start an erlang process using erl -name ..., another copy 
> of epmd is also created. This is regardless of whether an instance of 
> epmd is already running as a a result of my having run it explicitly 
> from the command line or previously started another instance of erl. 
> I've checked using netstat and lsof and all these instances of epmd 
> are trying to listen on port 4369.

This should not be possible! Epmd will exit at start if its attempt to
bind the socket to port 4369 fails. And if another process (such as an
earlier epmd) has already bound to the same port, then the attempt
*will* fail, unless something is seriously wrong with your kernel.

Are you quite certain that you have two running at the same time, on
the same host? Please show the output of ps!

Note that each of the erlang nodes maintains a connection to epmd, and
netstat will show this connection with port 4369 at the "foreign" end.


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