Regarding node connection with C interface.

Gordon Beaton
Fri May 19 12:38:13 CEST 2000

On 19 May 2000 06:37:13 GMT, Ramana Shankar Yenishetti wrote:
>         Iam trying to interface C with ERLANG , but couldnt establish
> the node connection , and even couldnt establish a connection on the
> remote node . where as the connection is possible on the same node.
>         Can u suggest me any prerequisites which should be followed
> before trying to establish a connection.

Are you using the same cookie from both nodes? I think this is the
most common error.

The easiest way to debug communication problems from erl-interface is
to turn on message tracing in the C-node by setting an environment
variable before starting your program, e.g:

  tcsh> setenv ERL_DEBUG_DIST 4 
  tcsh> ./myprog


  bash$ export ERL_DEBUG_DIST=4 
  bash$ ./myprog

This will show you the connection setup as well as all messages passed
between the nodes.

Perhaps if you show us how you are trying to make the connection, and
describe what errors you are getting (if any) or other symptoms then
you could get a more concrete answer.


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