Emulator stopping during mnesia writes

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Thu May 11 20:19:56 CEST 2000


> In my case we were supposed to be using Veritas VXFS on 
> Solaris but I found out this morning that the partition our 
> UNIX guys created for my application was done with UFS. 
> Thanks Guys there goes two weeks wasted investigation!! I'm 
> going to re-run my tests and will report back.

After the most painful day where our UNIX team managed to delete all trace
of erlang and all the backups they took while upgrading the file systems to
Veritas I have some good news to report.

Growing a table from scratch at full transaction rate used to run at max 400
per second with pauses in the emulator of up to 7 seconds. With Veritas File
system it now runs at 2000 per second while another node is doing 100 remote
reads per second, and the longest read delay was 150mS.

UFS nil points!!

I am using Sun Netra t1s with 440MHz IIci SPARCs with just the two built in


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