Erlang type-checker (erltc) ?

Thomas Arts thomas@REDACTED
Thu May 11 16:25:58 CEST 2000

Pascal Brisset wrote:
> Is anyone maintaining erltc, the erlang type-checker mentionned at
> ?
> Are there other static verification tools for Erlang ?

The typechecker as developed by Simon Marlow and Phil Wadler
is not updated to the newer Erlang releases. A different
approach is available at:

and a newer version is under construction and yet applied
to code of one of the bigger projects.

Another verification tool that has been developed
is a theorem-prover like tool which can be used to (manually) 
prove arbitrary  properties of Erlang programs:

Recently at the university of Aachen they have build a 
prototype modelchecker tool for Erlang:

Please send me an email if you need more detailed information.


Thomas Arts
Computer Science Laboratory

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