load balancing

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Mon May 8 21:55:50 CEST 2000

Thank you for the detailed reply.

Geoff Wong <geoff@REDACTED> writes:

> > 2. How usable is Eddieware? There are caveats about the 1.4.0
> > release which came out in February.

> Hmm - some people have got it working and are testing/playing with
> it. But it's got a couple of serious bugs (which we've fixed). I
> hope to do a stable release shortly. I haven't had much time to work
> on it recently.

Well, that naturally leads to the following questions.

1. What were the serious bugs?

2. Are the fixes available in current CVS bits? If not, are they
available some other way?  :)

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