Erlang as Functional Language

Thomas Arts thomas@REDACTED
Fri May 5 15:01:06 CEST 2000

Matias Hernandez wrote:

> 1. In most functional languages there is a "map" function used for
> applying a certain operation on all the elements of a list.
> Like, map(*2, L) doubles all the members of list L. Is there an
> equivalent for this in Erlang? How is it used?

it is called map in Erlang as well and used in the same way as for other
functional languages. Is your question probably: does Erlang support
higher order functions? The answer is yes.

> 2. Does Erlang support lazy evaluation?


> 3. Parsing. Erlang has something similar to yacc, from what I've seen. I
> could really use something like that. Is it well developed?

Yes. There's a module called yecc that is inspired by yacc and builds
a parser for you. See documentation for details


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