IC and C out-parameter to Erlang

Jouni Ryno jouni.ryno@REDACTED
Wed May 3 10:28:28 CEST 2000

I have some difficulties in understanding how to pass an object from
C-server to Erlang-client.

Currently I have 

module tmsystem
    typedef sequence<char> message;
    interface telemetry {
        void write(in message telecommand);
        message read_tm(in message telecommand);
I can nicely send an Erlang list (from Erlang) with the write-procedure 
to a C-server.

But I'm not really understanding how I should implement the counterpart
read_tm, which is called from Erlang in order to receive a list as a result.
I know that I should somehow provide the allocated object to C_server to but
the result in. So now I send large enough (12*1024 list elements!) 
in-parameter and make the result to point to that list-structure.

What is the correct way to this (the allocation for the result) ?

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