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Luc Taesch ltaesch@REDACTED
Tue Jul 25 15:35:23 CEST 2000

Samuel Tardieu wrote:

> >>>>> "Luc" == luc  <ltaesch@REDACTED> writes:
> Luc> (note : i dont plan to reinvent latex or jade (yet...) ;-.)
> Have you seen the mails on this list last week concerning XML?

if u mention the xml at the conference from ulf, yes. my concern is after
u have parsed the xml tree.

> You
> could output your tree in DocBook/XML format, then call Jade to get
> any format you want. This would benefit everyone :)

i agree that it would be a way to do it.
1) in fact the output will produce xml/docbook, then ill use jade. but
ill use that for priting, not for online rendering, as it may be a bit
overkill (but maybe im wrong, and i should consider it)

2) the result of that will be gpl, so it will benefit everyone...

3) the point i raised was more on learning HOF, which is still an
unexplored region for me. imention jade as a joke, just to mention that
the point was not to re-invent it, but rather understand how it could be
mimic-ed to a point)

>   Sam
> PS/ concerning your project, I must say that I have still to find a
>     pleasant way to represent HTML data; the problem is not in
>     transforming the data in HTML, but rather in manipulating the data
>     first...

not sure i understand. the data will come from an mnesia database, where
they a re read from, posted to via web. the xml tree will be for input
-output to the external world. in my case, the "world" that im modeling
is a component, which definition is naturaly recusiv.
but you are right, to manipulate it, i will hace similar issue, ie
navigatin trees and lauching actions... is this why u mention the xml
messages ?

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