XP style / lib browser ?

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Thu Jul 13 11:26:35 CEST 2000

>>>>> "ltaesch" == ltaesch@REDACTED com <ltaesch@REDACTED> writes:

    ltaesch> are there any attempt to apply XP / extreme programming
    ltaesch> techniques to erlang ?  (like test lib, ) ?

> Mickael Remond <mikl@REDACTED> writes:
> I was wondering the same thing. If other people are interested, maybe we can
> try to develop something ?
> There is a Mnesia test suite that might be used as a basis for a generic test suite.

I'm not familiar with the expression "extreme programming" but after
reading your question I read some introductions. It sounds a bit like
the way many already program in Erlang. Internally we have a "test
server" written in Erlang and it is used as a tool for the developer
as well as for "regression tests" in a fully automatic Daily Build
process. If we are close to release this automatic test is used as a
verification for the integration team. Between releases it is used as
a test tool for the developer, he get fast feedback about how his
changes effect the whole system. The test result is presented as HTML
pages and failing cases are nicely hyper-linked into log files and the
test source code. There are some text about this in section 7.1 of


So we have a large test suite and a test server, problem is it is not
Open Source ;-) Maybe it could be or someone could write a better or
more suitable test platform for "extreme programming".

A question about "extreme programming". I wrote a test suite for
"epmd" using the OTP test server before I started coding when I
rewrote "epmd". It was about 15 test cases and the old "epmd" almost
failed them all. (I added non blocking socket communication and that
the code handles partial "packets", corrupt data, client closing socket
when data missing, more data than requested, timeout if not enough
data and no close from client etc). After writing the test cases the
development process was very fast without any detailed planning (dare
I say "hacking"). Passing all the test cases was the goal. Is this
"extreme programming"?


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