Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Fri Dec 1 13:56:22 CET 2000

> A newbie question: Are there any issues with the BEAM files being
> different? I'm not very familiar with the Erlang build process
> (aside from having run ./configure; make; make install), but it
> seems that having different bootstraping code could lead to
> different results.

There is a small risk that we fail to realize that a change does lead
to different results. There is no automatic way to detect that an
upgrade of the bootstrap compilers is needed. But most changes in the
compilers before a new major release are small, i.e. bug fixes. The
bootstrap compilers only compile code in the Erlang/OTP system and the
compiler bugs found so far after R7B-0 only affect new constructs not
used in the Erlang/OTP system itself.


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