hard limits?

Klacke klacke@REDACTED
Tue Oct 26 09:17:23 CEST 1999

Bob writes:
 > Aloha,
 > I've read most everything I could find in the last 
 > two days, but have not been able to find a document 
 > discussing the hard limits
 > of Erlang.

There exists a large number of hard (or maybe I should say
semi-hard) limits for the erlang runtime system.

Just to mention a few:
Number of processes.
Number of ports
Number of ets tables
Number of open file descriptors

As far as I know there are no docs about this at all. Some of the limits
can be changed by changing a constant in the source, some 
cannot be changed. Some limits have to do with the underlying OS,
and some to do with the runtime implementation.

Which specific limit(s) is it that you are interested in ??


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