C Erlang algorithm

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Thu Oct 14 08:04:27 CEST 1999

> Is this the correct algorithm for making erlang calls
> using the erlang interface API ?

Looks about right, but the erl_start_sys() is not documented
from what I can see. Do you really need/want to start Erlang
from your C program ? 

I guess you've already have seen the comment in erl_start.c:
/* Start an Erlang node. return value 0 indicates that node was
 * started successfully, negative values indicate error. 
 * node -  the name of the remote node to start (alivename@REDACTED).
 * flags - turn on or off certain options. See erl_start.h for a list.
 * erl -  is the name of the erl script to call. If NULL, the default
 * name "erl" will be used.
 * args - a NULL-terminated list of strings containing
 * additional arguments to be sent to the remote Erlang node. These
 * strings are simply appended to the end of the command line, so any
 * quoting of special characters, etc must be done by the caller.
 * There may be some conflicts between some of these arguments and the
 * default arguments hard-coded into this function, so be careful. 
int erl_start_sys(char *alive, Erl_IpAddr adr, int flags, char *erl, char *args[])


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