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Klacke klacke@REDACTED
Fri Oct 1 08:52:39 CEST 1999

Luke Gorrie writes:
 > G'day all,
 > A couple of questions about code changes in an erlang system. First,
 > we're having a problem changing code in etk-using modules. The module
 > itself is a gen_event and copes with code changes okay, but the
 > command functions given to tk objects don't seem to work
 > anymore. After a code change, I get:
 > tkfun error: 1 : {function_clause,{messaging_gui,
 >                                       module_lambda_1,
 >                                       [10574021,[],{}]}}
 > I've tried to fix this with:

The problem with this is that etk installs Funs in
the etk processes. When the code is changed, the Funs are not
valid any more. This is actually a bug which I think is fixed is the 
next release. Which by the way is due on Nov, 10. !!!!!!

We had the Erlang User conference yesterday and and the OTP
group told us that they'd just scheduled the next OSE release
for Nov 10. This is great news.

The bug is easily spotted if you compile


a(X) -> fun() ->X+1 end.

with the 'E' flag (see erl -man compiler) and watch the
output i a.E

There's a timestamp compiled into the module_lambdas/4
function which is generated by the pre processor.
Not very very good, but as I said, Bjorn Gustavsson has
fixed this is the Nov 10, release. (I think)



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