net_adm:ping/1 in Linux

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Fri Nov 19 20:08:09 CET 1999


I had the same problem here with my Unixware v2.1.3 port of the
Opensource release 47.4.1.  I found that the responses from epmd
were not being recognized by the Unixware client side.  A WindowsNT
based system could get names from the epmd on the Unixware system
and the Unixware system could get names from the WindowsNT system.

I was able to work around it with a strange kludge of a solution which
involved putting a sleep in the code.  I have no idea why this works.

To try my extraordinarily kludgy patch to see if you have the same
problem try putting a sleep into epmd_srv.c in the function do_read():

      /* Do action and close up */
      /* Skip header bytes */

      do_request(g, s->fd, s, s->buf + 2, s->got - 2);
/*  vances ugly hack for unixware  */
/* end vances hack  */

      if (!s->keep)
        epmd_conn_close(g,s);           /* Normal close */

Alternatively Magnus and I discussed this problem a while back and
he mentioned having had a similiar problem on SUSE Linux.  His patch
is attached as well.


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