Contacting with net_adm:ping/1

Klacke klacke@REDACTED
Thu Nov 18 23:42:38 CET 1999

> > I'm having a problem contacting nodes in Linux hosts.
> > Imagine I launch node_1@REDACTED, node_2@REDACTED and node_1@REDACTED, being host_2 and host_2 linux based hosts.
> > 
> > When I try the net_adm:ping(node_2@REDACTED) in node_1@REDACTED the result is pong. Ok!
> > Then I try net_adm:ping(node_1@REDACTED) in node_1@REDACTED and (most of the times) the result is pang.
> > 

Hmmm, this sounds strange, in particular the part about "sometimes"
You may have some troubles with the setup of your network in 
general, I suppose you have checked that regular unix nameresolution
works ?? Check your /etc files and make sure they're all good

> For ping to work across machines, you have to use long node names for both
> your hosts. So, you will have to use:
> host1> erl -name host1
> host2> erl -name host2

Ineed not, I haven't used the -name option for years, I always
use the -sname option.

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