Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Sat Jan 9 05:36:46 CET 1999

> I have a Unixware system and I think it is not likely that
> Erlang is going to be ported on it successfully.

Why don't you try and compile it yourself ? 
(If Unixware is Posix compliant it wouldn't be too
much of a problem I think.)

> So, if I made a Erlang server program on NT where erlang system is
> available and C written client program on Unixware where Eralng 
> system is not available, do the C-client and Erlang-server can 
> communicate each other successfully where
> Erlang system is ported on one side(NT) only?

What do you mean by a "C-client" ?
Using the sockets library (gen_tcp/gen_udp) it works as you could expect.
But, if you are talking about a C-node (i.e you C program acts as
an distributed erlang node), then you have to compile the erl_interface
library on your Unixware machine.


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