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Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchez@REDACTED
Thu Dec 30 18:40:48 CET 1999



  I belive the erl_exit call made out of safe_alloca and CHECK_MEMORY should
be using CERR as parameter instead of 1, since using 1 instructs sys_printf
to put the output in a temporal buffer who needs safe_alloca and
CHECK_MEMORY to succeed in order to be a valid memory location.

  I also applied the patch as described here to fix the problem with
extra_pointer bits and did not help at all, it again assign a 0x20000000
which will never make a match with the 0xc0000000 value of UNSAFE_MASK. If I
change the value to 0xe0000000 it works well as well if I undef the
Extra_pointer_bits value.



> Hello,
> I've finally gotten around to updating the "Bugs and Fixes" page on the
> web site ( with most of
> the problems that have been reported so far - notably still absent are
> fixes for Unixware and AIX support (there are some unresolved issues
> with those), as well as ETK for Windows. Sorry about the lack of
> individual responses to received reports, but I assure you that they are
> highly appreciated!
> --Per Hedeland

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