Freddie Kruegger kruegger@REDACTED
Fri Jan 3 03:49:47 CET 1997

Hello everybody!

I started to study erlang from Jan. 1 .1999.
A lot of helps needed from you all over the world. thanks....

This is my first question:

I have a Unixware system and I think it is not likely that
Erlang is going to be ported on it successfully.
So, if I made a Erlang server program on NT where erlang system is
and C written client program on Unixware where Eralng system is not
do the C-client and Erlang-server can communicate each other
successfully where
Erlang system is ported on one side(NT) only?

Is there any benchmark test result of Erlang?
If it is made for telecommunication equipment, there could be some
performance data of 
Erlang in somewhere!

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