[erlang-bugs] io:format() call makes emulator hang

Vitaly Barinov vitaly_barinov@REDACTED
Thu May 29 19:29:46 CEST 2008

I have discovered very annoying problem (which I would dare call a bug), present in R12B and several earlier releases on Windows:An attempt to output large enough string makes Erlang hang. %sample program -module( io_test ).-compile( export_all ).test()-> io:format( "~p~n", [lists:seq(1, 100000)] ). % Instead of list, it can be large enough binary etc.I've looked into source code with my right eye and my guess is that it is related to incorrect error handling in sys.c when using WriteFile() for overlapped I/O. What is especially unpleasant is that since output is internally done asynchronously, Erlang hangs not immediately but after some delay, while doing something different, so it took me some time to grasp the root cause. Is there any work-around for this? Vitaly
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