Patches for R7B-0

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Tue Oct 31 17:14:18 CET 2000

We still haven't decided exactly how to handle patches but feel that
we have kept you waiting long enough. So we have put together some
patches for changes made since R7B.

The numbers beginning with "OTP-" are internal tracking numbers that
we use that are not very useful to you. But keeping them makes it
more easy for us to identify the changes we have made patches for.

You use something like

  % cd otp_src_R7B-0/
  % zcat patch-R7B-0-001-win-vxworks.diff.gz | patch -p1

to patch your source. Let me know if there are any problems adding the


              Various changes made after the Unix release.

    OTP-3704  It is now possible to register/unregister for notification
              of changes stored (permanently, i.e. on disk) in snmp_local_db.

    OTP-3725  Added direct access (read) functions to the symbolic store
              for faster access (accessible through the snmp module).

    OTP-3715  -nohup must work in Windows; erlsrv depends on it.

    OTP-3714  When R6 nodes and unpatched R7 nodes are in the same
              network, global:register_name hangs. This is fixed
              with a patch to R7. Patched R7 nodes can communicate with
              unpatched R7 nodes

    OTP-3716  disk_log handles huge terms better when reading log files
              using chunk/2. Bugs in chunk/2 and chunk_step/3 as well
              as in wrap_log_reader have been fixed.

    OTP-3718  Kernel example uds_dist should not be read-only

    OTP-3717  Corrected the configuration script for building with SSL.
              You can give the configure script the options

                --with-ssl       use SSL (default)
                --with-ssl=PATH  specify location of openSSL/ssleay
                                 include and lib
                --without-ssl    don't use SSL
             Created from a patch contributed by Geoff Wong.

    OTP-3719  The configure script did not define HAVE_STRDUP, hence
              the file erl_connect.c could not compile.  The file
              erl_connect.c is now changed to not trust HAVE_STRDUP
              to be defined in config.h. Thanks to Mikael Pettersson
              and Geoff Wong.

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