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Tools Reference Manual

Version 2.5.5

The Tools application contains a number of stand-alone tools, which are useful when developing Erlang programs.

A coverage analysis tool for Erlang.
A profiling tool that shows how many times each function is called. Uses a kind of local call trace breakpoints containing counters to achieve very low runtime performance degradation.
erlang.el - Erlang mode for Emacs
Editing support such as indentation, syntax highlighting, electric commands, module name verification, comment support including paragraph filling, skeletons, tags support and more for erlang source code.
A time profiling tool; measure how time is used in Erlang programs. Predecessor of fprof (see below).
Another Erlang profiler; measure how time is used in your Erlang programs. Uses trace to file to minimize runtime performance impact, and displays time for calling and called functions.
Utility functions for obtaining and analysing resource usage in an instrumented Erlang runtime system.
A make utility for Erlang similar to UNIX make.
A tool for generating Emacs TAGS files from Erlang source files.
A cross reference tool. Can be used to check dependencies between functions, modules, applications and releases.

tools 2.5.5
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