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Version 2.0.1

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Module Summary

Represents a collection of wxGraphicGradientStop values for use with CreateLinearGradientBrush and CreateRadialGradientBrush.


The stops are maintained in order of position. If two or more stops are added with the same position then the one(s) added later come later. This can be useful for producing discontinuities in the colour gradient.

Notice that this class is write-once, you can't modify the stops once they had been added.

Since: 2.9.1

wxWidgets docs: wxGraphicsGradientStops

new(Options :: [Option]) -> wxGraphicsGradientStops()


Option = {startCol, wx:wx_colour()} | {endCol, wx:wx_colour()}

Initializes the gradient stops with the given boundary colours.

Creates a wxGraphicsGradientStops instance with start colour given by startCol and end colour given by endCol.

item(This, N) -> {wx:wx_colour4(), float()}


N = integer()

Returns the stop at the given index.

getCount(This) -> integer()

Returns the number of stops.

setStartColour(This, Col) -> ok

Set the start colour to col.

getStartColour(This) -> wx:wx_colour4()

Returns the start colour.

setEndColour(This, Col) -> ok

Set the end colour to col.

getEndColour(This) -> wx:wx_colour4()

Returns the end colour.

add(This, Col, Pos) -> ok


Pos = number()

Add a new stop.

destroy(This :: wxGraphicsGradientStops()) -> ok

Destroys the object.