Erlang-questions will be closed, this is the last message

Kenneth Lundin kenneth@REDACTED
Fri Apr 29 13:49:44 CEST 2022

In December 2021 the OTP team announced the plans to close the
erlang-questions mailing list.
Now we have reached that point and this will be the last message.
I would like to thank everyone for the participation as we now are
moving the discussions to ErlangForums.
The major reason for closing the ML is that the OTP team have not
enough resources to moderate the ML and also that we
want to focus Erlang discussions to one channel.

The Erlang/OTP team will from now on focus on ErlangForums because we
believe it is an exciting and useful platform.

We welcome you to continue the Erlang discussions on
For those who would like to use the forum as a mailing list please see
this thread:
However, keep in mind that the forum was never meant to be 1:1 copy of
the mailing list (it is meant to be much more). To attain an
experience similar to that of the mailing list you may want to
subscribe to the following sections as a starting point: Erlang News,
Erlang Libraries, Erlang Help/Questions and Erlang/OTP Proposals.

 Looking forward to continued interesting discussions about Erlang

/Kenneth, for the OTP team at Ericsson

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