[Erlang Forums] [Erlang/OTP Proposals/Proposals: RFC] Re-visiting EEP-0055

Nicolas Martyanoff khaelin@REDACTED
Fri Apr 29 13:04:34 CEST 2022

Stanislav Ledenev <s.ledenev@REDACTED> writes:

> Further we go, the worse it becomes. Erlang's community always seems to be
> so reasonable. What the hell happened? The problem is not with this
> particular EEP.
> The problem is with the whole process of reasoning behind those EEPs being
> broken.

At the risk of repeating myself, one of the major issue behind this kind
of debate is that the discussion is made of everyone but whoever is
actually in charge of deciding whether to adopt or not the change.

EEP-0055 was created in Decembre 2020, i.e. 16 months ago. It feels to
me that the only response we have had from the OTP team is some kind of
"maybe, maybe not, we'll decide later".

In most open source communities I follow, people in charge are able to
provide authoritative responses on much shorter time frames, and
communicate clearly on the vision behind the project. This way, everyone
knows what to expect, whether they agree or not.

Letting "the community" (a bunch of people who do not have the
authority to actually decide one way or another) argue on the subject
for 16 months is really damaging:

- Nothing productive is coming out of it.

- Relations are being damaged due to more and more heated exchanges.

- At the end of the day, we still do not know when (if) the OTP team is going
  to make up its mind and rule on the subject.

On a personal basis, if this EEP was adopted, it would be a clear signal
for me to stop investing in Erlang for the future. But my personal
opinion is irrelevant: it is up to the OTP team to decide so that
everyone can act on it.

Nicolas Martyanoff

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