[Erlang Forums] [Erlang/OTP Proposals/Proposals: RFC] Re-visiting EEP-0055

Nicolas Martyanoff khaelin@REDACTED
Mon Apr 25 12:45:19 CEST 2022

Łukasz Niemier <lukasz@REDACTED> writes:

> OTP and Erlang are open source projects. Have you tries to improve state
> of Dialyzer on your own? Or you are trying to force someone else to do that
> for you? Ericsson was recently looking for people to work on Erlang, have
> you tried to apply and work on that stuff for yourself?

Personal attacks are not welcome. Nobody here owes free work to anyone,
we are just discussing about Erlang.

Ericsson if free to ignore any comment. People are free not to use
Erlang. Nothing new here.

>> There is no point in debating that point, it is obvious that the
>> proposal divides the entire community.
> But I do not understand why it divides the community so much.

And I do not understand those who support this EEP. This kind of
communication issue is usually what fragments communities.

Nicolas Martyanoff

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