options for high-throughput connections between nodes

Dave Cottlehuber dch@REDACTED
Fri Apr 1 13:10:08 CEST 2022

On Fri, 1 Apr 2022, at 10:48, Karl Nilsson wrote:
> Osiris is quite a different type of thing to the other ones in your 
> list in that it will always first write terms to disk and only then 
> replicate them (over TCP). That said it could do a decent replication 
> job if you want a local buffer to decouple the production of terms from 
> the replication part. Osiris does still need a dist erl connection for 
> coordination messages and you'd have to modify the quorum commit 
> semantics to fit your use case (e.g. a "leader" member on the 
> production side and a "replica" member on the other side).
> Cheers
> Karl

Thanks Karl,

Osiris is definitely worth considering - there is always the risk of
connection loss, and need to restart from a known checkpoint, the buffer
could come in handy. Would it be able to make use of multiple TCP


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