Re: Garbage collection of remote references ludovic@REDACTED
Fri Oct 15 14:53:19 CEST 2021

Hi Daniel, 

Thank you for the explaination, it becomes much less of a problem with a fixed set of node names.


- lud 

> Hi Ludovic,
> As far as I know references themselves are stored as regular data on the
> heap, and can be garbage collected. However, references (and pids) also
> contain
> <> the
> node on which they were created (an atom). So I believe the documentation
> wants to warn you that decoding a reference may also create an atom in your
> atom table (plus also an entry in the node name to "first number in a pid"
> mapping table, which probably has an official name). which will not be
> garbage collected. The reference itself will be.
> Hope it helps,
> Daniel

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