'Erlang Questions' Can't Receive New Erlang Messages

Yao Bao free7by@REDACTED
Mon Nov 8 15:46:22 CET 2021


The brand new Erlang Forums is great. I wish we all have a wonderful journey with it.

I joined the brand new Erlang Forums, it's pretty cool. Unfortunately, I'm not an active user (for online services), but still wants to hear the newest messages from Erlang.

It's okay if we completely move to the new forum, might be needed/necessary for Erlang's future growth plans? Anyway, this is the transferring pain I personally have.

I know the Erlang Core Team is focusing on the forum, and it's not applicable to send same messages/announcements to multiple targets. Is is possible, when creating/updating the forum's thread, an option is available so that we can send/copy the specified 'Erlang Questions' to this mailing list?

By the way, the Sherlock program might lose some history/future for further processing :-)


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