CpuInfo::hasFeature for NIF and configuring scripts for intrinsics

Susumu YAMAZAKI zacky1972@REDACTED
Thu Jun 17 02:41:18 CEST 2021


I'm the creator of the Pelemay series, which have been researched and
developed to parallelize and optimize a series of map functions into native
parallelized native code with SIMD instructions.  I'd like to contribute
these artifacts to Erlang. I began researching BeamAsm, to be applied to
more efficient parallelization with SIMD instructions. I found it has
amazing potential! Thanks to everyone involved in the development of

I guess some BIF, including binary_match, has much opportunity and
potential to be optimized by SIMD instructions, but have not been realized,

Thus, I propose a new NIF function that wraps CpuInfo::hasFeature in
AsmJit, and new configuring scripts that judge whether there are header
files that define intrinsics or not. If they exist, we can describe BIF
using SIMD instructions when they are available.

Thank you.
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