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Fri Jan 29 17:43:41 CET 2021

On Fri, 29 Jan 2021 19:11:16 +0900
zxq9 <zxq9@REDACTED> wrote:

> My corollary to Ballmer's "Developers! Developers! Developers!" is
> "Tooling! Tooling! Tooling!"

That is why I wanted you speak instead of shout.

If all the hypy OO effort had gone into SmallTalk ...

If all the effort here went into release-building, maybe rebar,
whatever ...

> Just as a troll I think I'll write an even more minimal, even more
> strictly single-assigned flavor of Erlang called "Pythonic Erlang":
> - Erlang with semantic whitespace
> - Most of the ant-poop gone
> - Source file extension ".perl" (an apt reminder...)
> - Will merely re-write to normal .erl files
> - Be implemented first in Erlang because I think it is funny
> - Will insult your mother if you put some ^Nonsense in your code
> - Will live inside ZX and "just work" because that's even more funny
> (trapping a feature within a niche utility suite ftw! hahaha!)

What I have been playing with in my mind for some time:

`mod:fun(A, B, ...)` ~~> `mod/fun {A, B, ...}`
%% (Arity from tuple length, syntactically all unary.)
%% Keep roundies `()` for priority.
%% Or also for `(pythony, tuples)`,
%% and curlies for maps? Needs more thinking ...
%% Space between operator and operand, like:
%%     `math/sin Alpha`

As we are all implanted with algebraic notation, maybe s/th like:
     -4 A * (B_1 + 7 F) - C   D
                     B  / -C
          X        __________
         H   *   Da   -3.14    +  K
But I fear it would be a nightmare to maintain ...?
Yet more thinking ...

And `-` (hyphen-minus) within identifiers, please :-))

Thank you!



Car and cider give me a pleasant mediterranean
feeling, whereas cdr makes me shudder.

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