Erlang re docs

Dieter Schön dieter@REDACTED
Fri Jan 29 09:22:31 CET 2021

Good morning,

I just looked at the erlang re documentation and I think it has a nice 

just a few functions with clear names.

I always have trouble to remember which of python's re.match and does what.

For my taste, there are also enough examples included. Just the PCRE 
options are a bit overwhelming.

It would help if you could elaborate on the areas where you have problems.

Kind regards,


On 28.01.21 23:26, Lloyd R. Prentice wrote:
> I’ve used regular expressions including Erlang regex off and on over the years—enough to get the job done but barely enough to claim competence.
> But I’m sorry— the documentation for re is total inside baseball. Can’t make heads nor tails.
> Can someone please please suggest or write a tutorial with lots of examples for mortals who just want to get the job done?
> Happy to collaborate but can only contribute my ignorance.
> All the best,
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