Seeking Erlang Programmer - EUR 130k. Unicorn.

Richard Pearson rmpapp@REDACTED
Mon Jan 25 08:17:25 CET 2021

Hi All, 

I urgently need to locate an Erlang programmer in Amsterdam (or is willing to relocate). 

I’m finding it tremendously difficult to find the following attributes in an Erlang engineer: 

- Passion for mathematics and real-time processing on massive scale. 
~ Shares and cares: contributes to our community via open source
~ Has been in the community for at least three years, ideally five.

The team is comprised of awesome people, and the CTO is extremely talented and hands on.

The company is a unicorn within the financial sector, and represents an opportunity for early retirement for the right person. 

If you know anyone who might be interested, I would appreciate any help!

Many thanks,

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