New EEP draft: Pinning operator ^ in patterns

Nicolas Martyanoff khaelin@REDACTED
Fri Jan 22 06:56:44 CET 2021

On 2021-01-21 20:55, Richard Carlsson wrote:
> As you yourself note, the warning is likely to eventually be made the
> default (if generally accepted)
A warning is not a feature of the language and has no reason to be made
mandatory beyond annoying developers of existing codebases for the heck of it.
And as Essen noted, warnings can be manually disabled. If this operator was
made mandatory, it could not be disabled unless someone forks Erlang.

At this point it is clear that you have no interest in compromising, and
discussion is useless, so I will just have to hope the OTP team will keep
Erlang sane as it has done for a long time. It is too bad that people who
could use Elixir and get exactly the kind of change they want prefer arguing
about changing what works against the wishes of the majority.

Nicolas Martyanoff

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