Series of French articles on Erlang

Mathieu Kerjouan mathieu.kerjouan@REDACTED
Sun Feb 28 21:09:21 CET 2021

Hi Erlangers,

Last year I started  a series of articles on Erlang in a French magazine
called GNU/Linux Magazine. All articles are under Creative Commons
BY-NC-ND licenses and will be freely available 6 months after the
publication. Here the list of the already published articles:

 - Erlang, programmation distribuée et modèle acteur [1]
 - Système extensible et hautement disponible avec Erlang/OTP [2]
 - Gestion de projets avec Erlang/OTP [3]
 - Introduction à l’écriture de tests avec Erlang/OTP [4]

Don't hesitate to send me some feedback. Unfortunately, I am not allowed
to translate them, but all the code is also available on my Github
personal repository [5], containing many comments and specification.

Thanks for reading and have a good day,


Respectueusement vôtre // Kindest regards,
Mathieu Kerjouan.

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