Aw: JWT woes - crypto issues?

grimlog@REDACTED grimlog@REDACTED
Sat Feb 6 20:01:59 CET 2021

> I've tried several other Erlang JWT libraries, which won't even seem to build because the compile fails with that same warning (I guess this is something to do with warnings as errors, maybe, but I don't know how to switch that off in rebar3) - I've even tried importing Elixir libs but I got nowhere quickly with that. The > jwerl library seems to work and is apparently in decently wide use, so there must be something off about my setup or *something*, given that interoperability is pretty much the point of JWT, and this is falling at the first hurdle.

> Anyone got any ideas? Would really appreciate a pointer on how to track down what's going wrong!

> Thanks,
> Igor
I used about a year ago and it worked fine for me.


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