Compile Erlang 24.2 for iOS on mac system

Scott Ribe scott_ribe@REDACTED
Sat Dec 25 17:27:36 CET 2021

> On Dec 23, 2021, at 11:14 AM, Igor Clark <igor.clark@REDACTED> wrote:
> Wow, lot to take in there, thanks! Completely missed all that. Was kind of hoping-against-hope (/dreaming) this would be straight Erlang and a Cocoa (or even swiftUI) wrapper rather than Elixir and web stuff, but it still looks like there's a *lot* of ground to cover there already. Cheers!

I believe this would be possible, but it would be a *HUGE* undertaking, on an ongoing basis as Apple adds & modifies APIs.

Granted, it's not like you have to build a NIF that explicitly wraps every single API call. You could probably build up API calls dynamically. (With Objective-C there's NSInvocation which allows one to take an object, selector & parameters and build a call. Pretty sure Swift bridge stuff interfaces to this rather than being a new incompatible replacement--though it's been a while since I used it so my memory is spotty.)

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