Compile Erlang 24.2 for iOS on mac system

Michael S michael_489@REDACTED
Thu Dec 23 11:08:42 CET 2021

Hello together,

i want to compile Erlang OTP 24.2 on my Mac OS Monterey 12.0.1 - also Xcode and the command line tools are installed on my system.

./otp_build configure --xcomp-conf=./xcomp/erl-xcomp-arm64-ios.conf --with-ssl=/Users/michael/compile/ios/openssl --disable-dynamic-ssl-lib

and then start the compile with

./otp_build boot

But it runs into an error of net/if_arp.h no rule to make target - any hints on that?


* Cross compiling Erlang/OTP-24 for: aarch64-apple-ios


CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_bif_re.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_unicode.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/packet_parser.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/safe_hash.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_zlib.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_nif.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_bif_binary.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_ao_firstfit_alloc.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_thr_queue.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_sched_spec_pre_alloc.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_ptab.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_map.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_msacc.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_lock_flags.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_io_queue.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/erl_db_catree.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/socket_dbg.o
  CC    obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/socket_tarray.o
make[4]: *** No rule to make target `net/if_arp.h', needed by `obj/aarch64-apple-ios/opt/emu/socket_util.o'.  Stop.
make[3]: *** [opt] Error 2
make[2]: *** [opt] Error 2
make[1]: *** [emu] Error 2
make: *** [emulator] Error 2

Best regards,


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