Erlang forums (was Re: PING TEST)

Igor Clark igor.clark@REDACTED
Fri Dec 17 18:02:37 CET 2021

I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for putting it so carefully and insightfully, Yao.

It would be a great shame to kill the mailing list. It’s different from a forum, and something valuable would be lost.


> On 17 Dec 2021, at 15:10, Yao Bao <free7by@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hello,
> Erlang bring us together as a community, we don't share data
> between processes, but we do share love from Erlang.
> It is not common for programmers say "love" to a programming
> language. Erlang programmers might not use Erlang in daily job,
> but we are willing to put some of our life and energy into this.
> Personally, mainly because of the uncommon beauty of it.
> Yes, we are still marginal. And this might be the root cause of
> this movement. I can understand it, but why can't we have both?
> Yes, resources are always limited, and we can't split energy into
> two things equally, this is understandable. But having both, or,
> in a foreseeable future, we might discover some better methods
> to organize our community, then we can say this is the true "rich"
> community. New generations are good and unavoidable, but I
> hope we can keep the old generations as much as we can.
> Every once in a while, some shiny things appears, and we are
> not against shiny things, they are good, if it is good enough to
> replace the old one entirely, nobody will miss it. We just need
> sometime to prove it.
> We can deprecate language features, but I hope we do not
> deprecate people. Shiny tools can attract young generations,
> I don't know the story or history about Elixir forums, but I would
> say the biggest difference would be the origin of these two
> languages. Of course it is good to have a try, after receiving the
> new Erlang forums announcement, I give it a try almost
> immediately, and personally prefer this mailing list for now.
> Although as we see, this mailing list is not very "active", but we
> really care about it. And this might be why some "sad" emotion
> comes along. If we don't care about it, we would not say any word
> about it.
> I really hope this mailing list is still alive. Maybe one reason would
> be good enough to keep it: old generations are still alive.
> Thanks,
> Yao

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