Erlang forums (was Re: PING TEST)

Yao Bao free7by@REDACTED
Fri Dec 17 16:09:47 CET 2021


Erlang bring us together as a community, we don't share data
between processes, but we do share love from Erlang.

It is not common for programmers say "love" to a programming
language. Erlang programmers might not use Erlang in daily job,
but we are willing to put some of our life and energy into this.
Personally, mainly because of the uncommon beauty of it.

Yes, we are still marginal. And this might be the root cause of
this movement. I can understand it, but why can't we have both?

Yes, resources are always limited, and we can't split energy into
two things equally, this is understandable. But having both, or,
in a foreseeable future, we might discover some better methods
to organize our community, then we can say this is the true "rich"
community. New generations are good and unavoidable, but I
hope we can keep the old generations as much as we can.

Every once in a while, some shiny things appears, and we are
not against shiny things, they are good, if it is good enough to
replace the old one entirely, nobody will miss it. We just need
sometime to prove it.

We can deprecate language features, but I hope we do not
deprecate people. Shiny tools can attract young generations,
I don't know the story or history about Elixir forums, but I would
say the biggest difference would be the origin of these two
languages. Of course it is good to have a try, after receiving the
new Erlang forums announcement, I give it a try almost
immediately, and personally prefer this mailing list for now.

Although as we see, this mailing list is not very "active", but we
really care about it. And this might be why some "sad" emotion
comes along. If we don't care about it, we would not say any word
about it.

I really hope this mailing list is still alive. Maybe one reason would
be good enough to keep it: old generations are still alive.


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