Erlang Arbitrary Unicode problems in Windows 10 (both file name / content and console)

Chris Casilli christopher.casilli@REDACTED
Sun Apr 11 22:16:22 CEST 2021

Hello Friends,

On Windows the U+10348 (Gothic Letter Hwair) �� does not work correctly in both the Windows console (Werl) and it also doesn’t write out to a file or filename correctly.
I’m able to do this on Mac OS X without issue.

I launch Werl with +pc unicode and indicate fnu for unicode filename use.
It does work with other unicode characters but apparently not all?

Mac OSX:
1> [16#10348].
2> <<240,144,141,136>>.

WIndows 10:
12> [16#10348].
13> <<240,144,141,136>>.

Even more concerning and important to me is that if I try to save a file with this unicode character it doesn’t work either. But can with other unicode characters.
It uses that wrong character listed above  in the filename and / or the file contents. 
Again, it works on Mac OS X.

Any thoughts on this matter? Am I missing some additional settings needed on Windows?
Thank you in advance for any support regarding this matter.

Kind Regards,
Chris Casilli 

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